Q. Who is responsible for "The Bridge of Truth" website?

A. All aspects of "The Bridge of Truth" website, as well as that of, LLC, its parent company, and all subsidiary websites, are conceived, designed and developed by Al Leone, who is the sole owner and chief administrator for these sites.

Q. What software was used to design these sites?

A. With the exception of the "Enter The Bridge" main site, all websites were built using the following Adobe CS4 products: Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat.  "Enter The Bridge" was built on the Boonex Dolphin platform, and then customized by Al Leone for it  All music tracks used in the Flash intros were written and performed by Al Leone using Steinberg Cubase 4, Propellerhead Reason, as well as Native Instruments and other 3rd party VST plugins.

Q. How can I get involved in "The Bridge of Truth"?

A. The first way to get involved is to spread the word.  Tell your friends.  You are our best advertisement.  In this way our message will likewise spread, and the potential to effct positive change will increase.

The second way is to join "Enter The Bridge," connect with others who share your passion and interests, and take positive action in whatever way you can.  Personal effort in the context of community is the key to making a difference.  An individual's capacity for doing so greatly increases when connected with others in service to a common goal.  The avenues are many-fold.  For instance, you can bring what you begin in cyberspace into the physical world by organizing periodic meetings or holding special events where the focus is on discussing and working toward the ideals of "The Bridge of Truth."  The possibilities are endless.

Q. Can anyone appear as a guest on "The Bridge of Truth."

A. We place no ideological restrictions on who can be a guest as long as that person's ideology is "Light-directed" and is being actively applied toward a positive, Earth-benefitting goal.  We seek guests who are able representatives of a particular path, either ideologically or professionally.  In an effort to present as diverse a range of views as possible, we try to avoid duplication of viewpoints, unless within the context of a general view a person has something unique to offer.

If you yourself would like to be a guest on our show and feel you meet these criteria, please use the submission form on the "Contact Us" page.  Details are provided there.

Q. What are the technical requirements for using "The Bridge of Truth" website?

A. Generally speaking, the requirements are the same as for any modern, multimedia site (YouTube, MySpace, etc.) such as a high-speed internet connection, as well as a computer with sufficient processing speed and memory.

The number of simultaneous viewers can also affect performance.  While U-stream can accommodate up to 25,000 viewers to a single broadcast, even before then bottlenecks can occur due to the nature of Internet streaming.  Once our audience exceeds this figure, we will have to pursue other options to stay online.  It is an issue we look forward to dealing with!