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Al LeoneAl Leone graduated as an engineer from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1971, but soon thereafter decided to pursue his passion for music full time, becoming accomplished as a musician, writer and producer.  Late in 1992, for personal as well as global reasons, his music and life turned more in the direction of philosophy and spirituality.  Globally, the first Gulf War had brought home to him an awareness of the truth that the opposition of Religion and Science was placing the planet and its inhabitants in great peril.  Throughout recorded history, conflicts seem to be at least in part religiously motivated and then fought with the greatest weapons technology could provide.  And this was true regardless if one were talking about grand-scale weaponry that could dial in destruction with remarkable precision, or the devices worn by human bombers, in their own way as effectively devastating and inflammatory.  It was then that Al started to consider if, while remaining firmly rooted in the experiential, he could somehow contribute philosophically to bringing the disparate viewpoints of Religion and Rcience together.

Yet it was the personal reasons that first moved Al to act.  He had begun to explore contemporary philosophies for the answers to his life’s mysteries, but soon evolved to developing his own interpretations.  Seeing how they aligned with the music he was creating led in 1994 to writing and producing with Kenny Simmons, his music partner at the time, a short-lived off-Broadway musical drama and multimedia show called “The Stages of Awareness.”  Al and Kenny envisioned expanding its themes into a self-help cable series, where each week a “Stage” was performed in front of a small audience who would then join in the discussion.  They filmed a pilot, and had an opportunity to demonstrate it live on Carol Martin’s “Alive and Wellness” program.

After writing and producing a CD with their group, "The G.O.D. Team," their next venture was to inaugurate the “One Spirit Concert Series,” which ran three times in 1998.  With “Enlightening the World by Uniting its Artists” as its motto, they sought to bring artists of various faiths and beliefs together to perform the music, dance, or other performing art these artists had created reflective of that.

By the end of 1998, after 16 years as partners and friends, Al and Kenny seemed to hit a wall professionally and for the time being went separate ways.  Al’s philosophic yearnings were taking on a greater role in his life, and “The Stages of Awareness” grew into a larger philosophy that brought him back to his desire to resolve the conflict between Religion and Science.  Al called it “The Totality Of God,” which, begun as a 20-page article, in 11 years had grown to the present 1000 page treatise on the subject.  Doing so required integrating two underlying influences in his life since college, music and mathematics, to reveal one of the core principles of his philosophy, the “Theory of Harmonic Creation.”  It is the essential truth that all being and existence can be understood in terms of the evolution of four fundamental frequencies of universal oscillation.  These are the resonant frequencies of the first key teaching Al proposed, “The Four Pathways to Light and Truth.” The understanding that universal energy exists as a range of values with four subdivisions has been taught by the world’s great masters, philosophers and scientists, from Buddha and Jesus to Aristotle and Carl Jung.  And they are the four pathways whereby the human race, since it first had the consciousness to do so, has tried to find and reconnect to its Source.

Late in 2008, a talk with friends reignited the desire that had sparked within him since the days when the underlying principle of his philosophy, Quadrality, had first been born.  That dream was to provide an interactive presentation featuring educators as well as entertainers that would promote a common ground for divergent beliefs, and an online community for all who wanted to get involved in the greater issues facing humanity today.  The seeds to integrate the intended purposes of his stage, video and concert productions had been planted more than a decade before.  Neither the time nor the technology was ready then, but the advancement of both has now made possible the manifestation of Al’s dream as “The Bridge of Truth.”

As the above makes clear, Al Leone is a multi-faceted musician, producer, event host and speaker.  Please submit any inquiries in that regard on the "Contact Us" form.

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