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Throughout recorded history, human conflicts seem to have at least in part been driven by religious differences, and then fought with the greatest weapons technology could provide.
Obviously, neither Religion nor Science in those times has served humanity’s greatest good, or the higher purposes for which its religious founders and scientific leaders intended.
Recent events have made it clear the price we and the planet we live on will pay if we stay the present course.

The Time For Action Is Now!

The Bridge of Truth

With host Al Leone
Author of “The Totality Of God and the Izunome Cross”

Who are we?
Why are we here?
How did we come to be?
What are the common bonds that connect us all?

These queries into the nature of our existence have been asked from the time a mortal being first had the consciousness to do so, and they have since sparked the advancement of civilization itself.   On each installment of "The Bridge of Truth," representatives from the various fields of Religion and Science, Business and Politics, Art and Entertainment will share their personal answers to these questions, as well as the issues they are passionate about and actively involved in working to resolve. We invite positive people everywhere to join and help us build "The Bridge of Truth."

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