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UStream player for "The Bridge of Truth" added to
"Enter The Bridge"

August 1, 2010

For the convenience of our community members, a UStream player has been added to "Enter The Bridge."  Now, members can log in prior to the show, watch it, and then go directly to the Chat for the after-show discussion with our guests!  The player can be found as a Blog post on the Member page for "The Bridge of Truth," and can also be accessed from the various Blog links on the site.

The broadcast will remain available for the general public on this site, which will continue to archive past shows as well as the show pages for Coming Attractions.


July 18, 2010

Apologies to all who tuned in to see the re-broadcast of "The Cosmological Guideposts of 2012."  A technical problem with connecting to the UStream server prevented starting the program on time.  Without sufficient notice to inform our viewers, it was decided to set a new date for the broadcast rather than make a less-than-stellar presentation.

Our new date is August 22, 7:30 EDT.  We appreciate your consideration in this matter, as well as your interest in the show.

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