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Show #26 : Andrew Kaen and Christine Marie

"Awakening Humanity's Consciousness for a Better Planet"
Original Broadcast Date: Monday, April 21, 2014, 8:00 PM EDT

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Andrew Kaen, founder of Planet Heart, and co-producer Christine Marie join host Al Leone to discuss how significant global change toward peace and environmental longevity begins with accepting individual responsibility in the context of a like-minded, action-oriented community.  To that end they are promoting their 8th Annual World Peace Earth Day Celebration, April 24, 2014, at the Subud Chelsea Center, 230 W29th St., NYC, with an eye on building it into an ongoing event.


Andrew Kaen

Andrew KaenAndrew Kaen is Executive Producer of the Annual World Peace Earth Day Celebration which began in 2007.  His passion for bringing people together in community for a good cause is at the heart of his events.  He is also the Founder of Planet Heart, a project of We, The World, a non profit 501 (c) (3) organization ( The name Andrew Kaen scrambled spells ReAwakennd and he goes by the name "ReAwakennd" Poet, sharing his poetry at various venues, including Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirror's Full Moon Gathering.  All of his poems were written mostly between 1998 and 2007 when they were channeled and given to him by higher dimensional beings.  He is currently looking to finally publish his first poetry book.  They are about Awakening to our truth that We Are All One. He is also a photographer, and some of his work can be seen on his photography website:


Christine Marie

Christine MarieChristine Marie aka IMOV has performed regionally in bands and as a solo artist as a singer, dancer, actress and comedian.  Her television credits include a role in Law and Order NBC television, a made-for-TV movie on Cinemax, and four principal roles in commercials.  She had a guest staring role (where she was chosen out of hundreds of applicants) on The Tyra Banks Show, and a role in Howard Stern’s film "Private Parts."
With a burning desire to raise consciousness and inspire others toward wellness and healing, Christine Marie aspires as an independent artist with her record label Authentic Records. Her record label is a subsidiary of her company, Imov International LLC, a multimedia production company that provides a forum to help rebuild the world through interactive experiential entertainment "Wellness Through Entertainment."  This form of entertainment consists of conscious programming that creates heightened awareness experiences that are a catalyst for healing, wellness and evolution.


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