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Show #15 : Anthony Citro and Teri Merliss

"Prema Dharmadhatu Healing Circle"
Original Broadcast Date: September 10, 2012, 7-10 PM EDT

Utilizing the Prema Dharmadhatu
View "Pt. 1: Expansion of Consciousness"
View "Pt. 2: Grounding Unconditional Love"
View "Pt. 3: Awakening the Crown Chakra"
View "Pt. 4: Facilitating a deeper World Healing"

Prema Dharmadhatu

In response to the very successful Prema Agni presentation broadcast live on April 27, event coordinator Anthony Citro, along with musician Teri Merliss, facilitated a second complimentary evening of heart centered expansiveness, inviting more balance, peace and acceptance of the Divine Feminine Principle into the mass consciousness at large.  This special event, our second live remote broadcast, was once again held at the
META Center in NYC.
To see excerpts from our first META broadcast, visit its show page.


Anthony Citro

Anthony CitroAfter reading and teaching the Tarot for many years, and having explored various concepts and realities - both religious and 'new age' - Mr. Citro's personal spiritual transformation came about when he met his Teacher, Master Healer Derek O'Neill, of Dublin, Ireland in 2003.  Anthony is a Certified Teacher and Initiated Practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System; a Prema Birthing Facilitator and Instructor; a Karnak Initiate into the Great White or Gold Brotherhood, and a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui tradition.
Founder of the 'Languages of Liquid Light' Healing Center, based in New York City, he has devoted a good deal of his energy towards encouraging people everywhere and from all walks of life (and traditions) in embracing the 'Energies of Creation,' that which is everyone's Divine Birthright to experience consciously - thus realizing their personal Ascension Process, in this lifetime...and in the NOW!  He offers a regular and ongoing workshop series to this effect, assisting anyone so inclined, in accepting and anchoring the VIOLET FLAME, the MAHATMA ENERGY, ENCODEMENT OF THE DIVINE RAYS (1 through 12), and one's I AM PRESENCE.  He also conducts regular Activations/Initiations for those ready to become practitioners assisting others in incorporating the Ascension Energies.  He is open to travelling to your Community, Sacred Space or Healing Center (please email for information) and present any of the above events to your group.


Teri Merliss

Anthony CitroMs. Merliss is a music teacher for young children ages 2-6 years. She has a strong background in music, playing the guitar and singing professionally.  She sings devotional songs with the Bridgewater New Jersey Sai organization.
Teri is the creator of the Voice of the One Heart workshop, an uplifting experience that will change you on your spiritual journey and assist you in letting go of any energetic blocks that hold you back vocally.  She is also a Gold Member of SQ-Wellness.  SQ is an organization of like minded people, from all walks of life, who believe that through personal development, spiritual awakening, and service to others we can transform the world.


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