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Show #13 : Amy Sherman

"The Relationship Miracle - Imago Dialogue"
Original Broadcast Date: August 12, 2012, 8:00 PM EDT

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Belief is a powerful thing.  It’s a knowing of absolute certainty giving you a feeling of unshakable strength.  Belief only comes from experience.  You must be a witness to really know something is true.  In this way, Amy Sherman wishes to share with you something she, along with her husband Michael, believe in: IMAGO DIALOGUE
IMAGO DIALOGUE is a method of partner communication that naturally and systematically creates harmony where there was conflict.  It shifts a mood, creates connection, and with practice, it will heal and transform a marriage, relationship or partnership.  The Shermans KNOW THIS.  Why?  Because in addition to serving clients by teaching them how to use this powerful technique, they have walked the path themselves and used Imago Dialogue to save, heal, renew, and transform their partnership on all levels.
IMAGO DIALOGUE is something that must be seen, felt, heard.  It is still a relatively new method, developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix, the author of the best selling book, Getting The Love You Want.  The capacity for Imago Dialogue to not only save marriages and families, but also to enhance communication and leadership in business, remains untapped.  There is such a need for Imago in our world, and yet it remains relatively unknown, obscure and underutilized.  The Shermans want to put an end to that.

Amy and Michael Sherman

Stephanie AzariaTHE COURAGEOUS LOVING CENTER was created by Amy and Michael Sherman in Dec. 2006.  As counselors, trainers and writers, Amy and Michael have devoted their lives to teach others how to heal relationships and experience personal transformation.  They have worked with hundreds of people, guiding them with supportive care and brilliant insights, while helping them to step into new levels of personal power and inner peace.
As a husband and wife team, Amy and Michael are walking the path alongside their clients and students.  With warmth, humor and wise words, this unique couple relate to their audience with a sense of authenticity, grace and humility.  They are a straight talking, gutsy couple with huge hearts and open minds.  They get right to the core of the matter and teach their clients how to do whatever it takes.