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Show #12 : Alison L. James

"Merlin and the New Camelot - interview and chaneling"
Original Broadcast Date: August 5, 2012, 8:00 PM EDT

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A Personal Introduction to Master Merlin

When Merlin reintroduced himself to Alison over a period of time, she was infused with so much love in her heart that she realized that they had a special personal connection.  She found herself channeling and conversing with him 24/7, and it continues to this day.  She wanted to know more about him and she quickly found the “popular” imagery that has become part of our daily lives: the robes, the hat, the wand and, of course, the crystals.  But she soon discovered that Merlin has far transcended these outer trappings and that he is a very evolved cosmic being, an avatar, in fact, the father of Camelot.  Merlin works with the Office of the Christ in the higher realms, helping so many on the planet. Alison is not privy to all his work as an Ascended Master, nor is she his only voice, but she has learned a great deal about the “real” Merlin.
Merlin is always there when called upon to assist your journey and he has a marvelous consciousness.  He has a way of being able to explain things and break them down to help you understand and move you to your next level, gently.  Alison is a living testament to that!  His clarity and insights, combined with his loving energies, are quite transformational.  Merlin understands so much about human matters, especially the psyche within; he understands the inner warring.
Today, in her Oneness with him, with her expanded Merlinian energies and working with the Universal Merlinian Council of Light, Alison feels blessed to be able to share much to assist your own alchemical transformation.

Alison James

Stephanie AzariaBorn in England, Alison James resides in New York City where she pursues her spiritual path as a Healing Facilitator, Metaphysical Teacher, Channel and Ascension Energy Anchor.  She is a student of Derek O’Neill of Dublin, Ireland and a follower of His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  Her goal is to be of service to the Light as Spirit guides her.
Alison received prophetic training in the Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah, Church of New York, as well as in mystical studies, astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, psychometry and divination.  In her workshops and teachings, Alison speaks on a broad range of spiritual and metaphysical topics, including our connections to ancient civilizations and the planets within the Cosmos.  In her role as Ascension Energy Anchor, she invokes her own energies as well as those of the Cosmos to assist the Ascension process.
Her credentials include: