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Show #7 : Alan Steinfeld and Guests

"Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness"
Original Broadcast Date: August 21, 2011, 8:00 PM EDT

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What can astrology tell us about the coming times? How we are shifting our  understanding of ourselves? And what does our collective future seem to be? This panel discussion, held at the META Center in NYC with some of New York's most respected Astrologers discussing consciousness as seen through astrological principles, was filmed by Al Leone as a special presentation of The Bridge of Truth.

Astrology Panel

Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld, moderator, has been the host of the spiritually based talk show New Realities for the past 15 years.  He has interviewed many of the top leaders in the human potential movement.  He feels the times that we are in now are creating vast changes in consciousness.  He hopes this panel will throw some light and direction on these changes.


Featured Speakers:

Linda Joyce

Linda Joyce has created a pragmatic strategy to solving difficult personal problems.  Life coach and trusted personal counselor and astrologer, Joyce's client list includes well-known celebrities and international business titans looking to merge the worlds of the intuitive with the practical.


Monte Taylor

Monte Taylor is regarded as one of NY's most gifted astrologers.  One of his special talents is restoring clarity and understanding to life challenges and decisions from ordinary to grand events.


Rafi Nasser

Rafi Nasser is an evolutionary astrologer and Qi Kung practitioner.  He feels astrological awareness opens space that precipitates deep spiritual integration and higher possibilities.


Rebecca Gordon

Rebecca Gordon has a great focus on the planetary cycles that shape our times.  She guides individuals in the understanding of their own cycles so that theyare able to use astrology as a tool to guide themselves along the best possible path in life.