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May 4, 2012

Al Leone returns to "Mysterious Realms with Dr. John DeSalvo"

On Saturday evening, May 5, at 9PM EST, Al Leone, creator and host of "The Bridge of Truth" webcast, will once again be the guest speaker on "Mysterious Realms with Dr. John DeSalvo."  Having first appeared on the radio show in November last year, Al is thrilled to be invited back to continue the exploration of the spiritually and scientifically sound model he found at the core of the Universe's existence.

Al, a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology and author of "The Totality Of God and the Izunome Cross," discovered that only by combining the mathematical knowledge he gained through higher education with the musical knowledge acquired through a life-long music career, could such an understanding be revealed.  For show information and to listen to the broadcast, click here.


"The Bridge of Truth" goes LIVE !

We are extremely pleased to report that the very first live remote broadcast of "The Bridge of Truth," the innovative, interactive webcast created by Al Leone for the purpose of elevating and transforming consciousness in the 21st century, was a resounding success.  Our landmark event, "In Celebration of the GLOBAL PREMA AGNI DAY:2012," took place Friday evening, April 27, from the META Center in NYC.

Attendees gathered to kick-off this yearly weekend celebration of the Prema Agni, which actually occured worldwide on Saturday, April 28, 3:33PM.  At that time, people all across the planet came together, wherever they might be, to increase world unity by focusing on the Prema Agni symbol.  ('Prema Agni' in Sanskrit translates to 'Fire of Divine Love.')  Excerpts from our broadcast will be posted on our YouTube page in June.  An announcement will be sent at that time.

This special presentation was facilitated by Anthony Citro.  Mr. Citro had been a guest on our first show, "The Cosmological Guideposts for 2012," and was later the featured guest on Show #6, "On the Energies of Creation."  With Al Leone as producer and engineer, he has since begun to create a series of meditation videos, which have been well-received on YouTube and continue to grow in viewership.  Links to these and our other presentations produced especially for the various social media can be found on our site:

TBOT Social Media Archive

From the show's inception, it was Al's vision for "The Bridge of Truth" to expand its interactive capabilities into a live format, allowing for the sense of immediacy and active participation that only a real-time, on-site broadcast can offer.  Using the latest advances in streaming technology, "The Bridge of Truth" was able to bring his dream to fruition.  We look forward to more exciting live broadcasts in the near future.  Stay tuned!


Move to a new server temporarily takes down our Newsletter

In reading about the live event mentioned above, you may have questioned why you never received a newsletter announcing it, thinking you would have liked to have been a part.  We apologize for this apparent oversight, but it was not for our lack of trying.  Earlier in April, "The Bridge of Truth" moved to a new, more powerful server to better meet the needs of our growing viewership.  Unfortunately, it caused connection issues with our email/newsletter server, which was first noticed when we attempted to send the missing newsletter.  Only today has the issue been resolved and we are grateful to be able to bring our newsletter back online.  Thank you for your understanding and support.


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