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In addition to the scheduled broadcasts, The Bridge of Truth is committed to producing, and presenting through the various social sites, other audio/video media that promotes its ideals.

The links below will redirect to the sites where this content has been posted.  Membership in these sites is not required.


Encoding the Divine Rays

In this 12 part video series, spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro assists the viewer in allowing an easy access and open connection with the 12 Divine Rays of Creation that are operating in our physical universe.  The Rays represent the essential "streams" of Divine Consciousness (Undifferentiated Source), which are disseminated forth to form and expand all of Creation on every level.  Rays One through Seven are currently available in the playlist accessible from the above link, with the others to be added early in 2013.  (Videos)

Aligning With Your 'I Am Presence' - The Energies of Creation Meditation Series

The 'I AM PRESENCE' represents that aspect of Source that is innately embedded within each human being upon birth.  It is our individualized God Spark.  Regular invocation of the 'I AM PRESENCE' will do much to accelerate your Ascension Process.  (Video)

Embracing the Mahatma Energy - The Energies of Creation Meditation Series

The Mahatma Energy is the aspect of Source Light that assists in the acceleration of the Ascension Process - for the individual, and for the planet.  Anthony Citro guides you towards a deep and meaningful connection with the Mahatma Energy.  (Video)

Igniting the Violet Flame - The Energies of Creation Meditation Series

Spiritual teacher and healer Anthony Citro deftly guides the viewer/listener towards a deep and meaningful connection with the 'Violet Flame of Creation,' that aspect of Source Energy that assists those who are open to receive Its Grace, in transmuting karmic debris throughout one's 4 body system.  (Video)

Merlin and The New Camelot - The Birth of Collective Christ Consciousness

A message from Master Merlin channeled through Alison L. James during a workshop given by Anthony Citro at the META Center, NYC.  (Video)

The Power of Three - Jodi Serota - Heaven

Jodi leads attendees through a group channeling and guided transmutative vibrational multidimensional sound activation, healing and initiation, allowing you to explore the higher realms of existence.  (Video)

Jodi Serota - Vibrational Healing

"Vibrational Healing" workshop held by Jodi Serota at the Meta Center in NYC
on August 23, 2011.  (Audio)

Jodi Serota - Day Out of Time

"Day Out of Time: A Galactic Celebration" workshop held by Jodi Serota at the
Meta Center in NYC on July 25, 2011.  (Audio)